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Owner & CEO - Mike Hackley 

Mike has always had a passion for working outdoors and working with heavy machinery. His passion started from his early childhood days playing in the mud and dirt with his metal Tonka toys. As a young teenager, he used to mow and landscape lawns for extra money.

He followed in the footsteps of his mother, grandfathers, and uncles - all avid flower gardeners. In 2008, Mike recreated his late uncle’s lawn business. He started Mikes Lawn service II in early 2008, while working just on the weekends and at night when he got off work.

In September 2008, Mike went full time with Mikes Lawn service II. In January 2009, he pursued his idea of turning his business into Mikes Lawn and Landscape, LLC. The company offered an array of lawn and landscaping services. Fast forward to 2020 Mike was hit with a severe heartattack that made him change the direction of his company cutting out Hardscape installation all together and Creating Mike's Hardscape Supply Center offering retail sales of Hardscape installation tools and equipment and one of the best paver & walls on the market becoming a dealer for Cambridge Pavers !! Along with becoming a dealer for several recognized brands in the industry !

Mike's Vision has turned into a reality and you can see it located at 3825 Prince George Dr. in Prince George County , VA stop on by and say hi !!

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